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E-casting in times of pandemic

The corona virus presents actors, casting directors, producers and all those involved in the casting of film works with unexpected challenges. Filming can only be carried out under high safety conditions, corona-related shooting failures represent a high economic risk for production companies...

Recommendations for an E-CASTING

Don't be afraid to make an e-casting! Understand an e-casting as an opportunity to present your own interpretation of the character. E-casting is only one step in a mostly complex casting process, in which your previous references and your showreel are also taken into account...

BVC recommendations for online presentation

We recommend that you be represented in all databases with a basic entry and in at least one database with a full entry.

Recommendations for dealing with intimacy in front of the camera

There are stories for which the depiction of intimate scenes, nudity and sex in film is essential. These scenes should continue to be told authentically and passionately. Professionals who have mastered their profession are usually involved in the production...

Job Description: Casting Director (f/m/o)

A casting director (CD) is in charge of roles to be filled with acting talent in fictional formats such as cinema, television, streaming content, etc. Sometimes CDs also work in commercials, less often in theate ...

#werhatsgecastet #whocastit

With these hashtags, we aim to highlight the work of casting directors. Actors are honoured with awards, projects are promoted or announced on social media, in press releases, or in festival catalogs, and various creative professions are acknowledged in this context.