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The Bundesverband Casting

With the founding of the BVC in 2003, casting directors from German-speaking countries networked for the first time with the aim of strengthening their interests together, making them visible within the film industry and enforcing them.

In principle, we have constantly worked to ensure that casting directors represent an artistic and creative professional group and are perceived as such within the industry. This can also be seen in the following examples:

  • 2014 Founding of the Casting Section in the Deutsche Filmakademie
  • Entry of casting directors into the artists’ social security fund is possible
  • Change in the opening credits regulation at the Degeto: Casting is mentioned in the opening credits on an equal footing with other creative trades
  • Exemption from trade tax as an artistically relevant profession
  • 2023 Development and Spread of the Hashtags #werhatsgecastet #whocastit

We stand for socio-politically relevant topics such as diversity and inclusion within casting. In 2017, we published a letter pointing out the relevant shortcomings in the casting of films and clearly asked decision-makers, screenwriters and directors to depict society more realistically in the film.


Daniela Tolkien

chairwoman board of directors

Stephanie Maile

deputy board of directors

Karimah El-Giamal

deputy board, treasurer


As part of the #metoo debate, we were significantly involved in setting up THEMIS trust center against sexual harassment and violence. THEMIS

As an association, we fight abuse of power and work to ensure that the casting process must always be a protected space for actors and that everyone involved treats each other with respect. Recommendation for dealing with intimacy in front of the camera

Helping to shape German film and media policy is of great importance to us. Any change in film politics also affects the members of the casting community. The constructive intervention in relevant topics of the film and media sector is an integral part of our policy.

In addition, we are committed to being heard or invited to support committees and juries as experts. Due to the close involvement of the casting directors in the development of a film project with the casting work starting at an early stage, we bring a high level of competence and experience with us and can bring this expertise to the committee and jury work in an enriching way.


We are not “casting agents”.

We clearly differentiate between the job description of the (acting) agent and that of the casting director. We reject the job title “casting agent” because it is contradictory in terms of its concept and statutes.

Female agents are partisan in the interests and for the benefit of their clients – i.e. the actresses, directors, screenwriters, cameramen, composers, etc.

Casting directors are biased in the interests and for the benefit of their clients – usually producers and directors.

We support a clear separation between the activities of the agent and the casting director. “Casting agents” who work both as a casting company and as an acting agency cannot guarantee impartial working practices. This potential conflict of interest does not conform to the understanding of the objectivity of a casting director as formulated in the articles of association (link) and is therefore considered an exclusion criterion.

We promote the regular exchange of information and opinions with the Association of Agencies (VdA) and support all efforts that serve to improve the common fields and working conditions.