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Kristin Diehle

Casting Director
Düsseldorf, Germany

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Kristin Diehle Casting
After many years of freelance experience in film and television, Kristin Diehle started her own business as a casting director in 2006. Kristin Diehle Casting casts actors for film, television and advertising. Based on the script, a treatment or storyboard, proposals are presented that are individually tailored to the client and castings are realised in our own studio. When casting, we draw on a comprehensive photo and demo tape archive and are always open to new talent. Our passion and respect for the actor's performance form the basis of our work. We draw on an extensive knowledge of everyday production and set life. Our goal is to create a convincing ensemble of actors in constructive dialogue with the director and production.
Casting specialisations
Commercials, Film, Television